Aries – The month begins with a disruptive Moon Uranus conjunction in your 1st house. It can excite you to take chances and increase the power of your individuality. You may be too aggressive as you seek new adventures and people in your life. Don’t act selfishly or you will turn people off. A number of challenging aspects form a loose cosmic cross on the 3rd and 4 th which may bring things back down to earth with a thud and teach you the truth of self control. You may need to repair any bruised egos.

Aries – Mars retrograde in your 8 house warns you to use clarity and not emotions when you are involved with other people. There may be more going on below the surface as mixed messages are all around. The opposition to Mercury in the 2 house suggests that selfish and willful action may cost you a lot more than money so think before following blind passions.

Aries – Mercury in the 3 house opposes Saturn in the 9. They are joined in a mystical dance with Neptune in your 12. This is a powerful T Square that is intensified by the full Moon on the 20 th.
You may question your beliefs and what the world has taught you as the spiritual planet Neptune dissolves boundaries. You need to use logic in a new and creative way that opens you to deeper understanding. Keep a balance between your logical mind and your dream visions. You can be confused or illuminated by a higher realm of thought.

Aries – a gentle combination of energy fills the air as Venus in your 4 house trines spiritual Neptune in your 12 house . It’s important that you give yourself and your family some quiet time. This is the perfect time heal past hurts, go on a spiritual quest or to put some romance back into your life. Listen to your dreams and intuition for important guidance.