Aries – the new Moon falls in your 12 th house of hidden and secretive matters.  Take time for inner cleansing and purge your fears.  Practice yoga, meditation or other spiritual exercises.  Listen to your dreams which can invigorate your inner creative and expressive power.

Saturn Retrograde
Aries –  You must learn from the experiences you’ve share with others wether in personal or business relationships.  If you’ve found cooperation and success continue, if you’ve experienced frustration make necessary adjustments. This area of life can bring the deepest personal satisfaction or force a rebirth. listen to your soul.

Mars Retrograde
Aries – re-evaluate the action you have taken in relationships and when dealing with the public.  This is not a good time to fight or have a confrontation so control your actions with partners.  Back off for a while Be gentle and remember that peace brings love and prosperity.