Cancer – The month opens with a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your tenth house. This is a time for good possibilities in career achievements. You look and feel your best and can make a great impression on clients and business owners. Don’t be too social or inflated but take advantage of new opportunities, especially where popularity helps you get ahead. Mercury will Conjunct Saturn so serious conversations may be needed with partners, especially in investment strategies. Most important is Saturn’s entry into Pisces for the first time in 28 years bringing a new cycle of growth. You must develop your vision for the future and you must develop a practical goal to achieve your ambitions.

Cancer – week 2 opens with gentle energy as Venus sextiles Mars and Mercury sextiles Uranus this is a good time to visit and communicate with friends The Sun and Mercury conjunct Neptune in your ninth house and Mars Squares the elusive planet from the twelfth house of personal limitations creating an atmosphere of insecurity. This may disrupt your ability to analyze and understand needed information and force you to slow down your quest for success. You must be careful to follow the rules of the game. The week ends as Venus in the tenth house squares Pluto in the seventh house of relationships warning you not to get involved in power plays with people who know the game better than you do.

Cancer – The 3 week opens with an exact Sun-Mercury Conjunction in your ninth house. You need to take time to explore your beliefs and feelings. The exact nature of this aspect is called combust and tends to focus people on their own interests. This can cause some irritation. You need to understand that other people may have different beliefs. A few sextiles will help modify this energy but Mars will square the Sun and Mercury from your twelfth house of limitations and fears. You need to be in control of your emotions, your temper, and your need to prove yourself. This warns you to be careful not to allow impulsiveness or hidden motivations to rule the day.

Cancer – 4 The month ends with mental Mercury joining expansive Jupiter in Aries and your tenth house bringing a new sense of independent thinking and adventure to your career. You want to expand your ability to be successful and influence others. The world is your oyster and you may have a new plan to get ahead. You’ll be happy to tell everyone about it. Venus conjuncts unstable Uranus in your eleventh house of associates so watch out for jealousy and don’t mix business and pleasure. A nice trine between Saturn and Mars from your ninth to twelfth house suggests you might gain some new understanding that you can use to promote your ambitions.