Capricorn – Mercury is retrograde 1/5 – 1/25 & 12/19 – end of year 1 house make sure people understand what you’re saying. listening skills are challenged. 4/28 – 5/22 in 5 house romantic plans are subject to change don’t be disappointed. 8/30 – 9/22 in 9 house you are ambitious just make sure you have a clear shot at the target before acting.

Capricorn – Venus – brings opportunities for love and pleasure from 1/24 – 2/18 & 11/13 – 12/8 as she lowers your fear of commitment and opens your heart to the one that you love. She smiles on you from 4/30 – 5/25 when you realize the depth of feeling you have for another. From 8/6 – 8/31 she brings you on a romantic vacation far from the crowd.

Capricorn – Mars begins the year in your 11 house increasing your interest in the power of social participation. He enters your 12 house and focuses your attention on personal limitations. Move with care from 4/17 – 5/29 when he retrogrades. The pace quickens from June till the end of the year so focus your energy on self improvement and success.

Capricorn – Jupiter starts the year retrograde in Virgo and your 9 house. The future is calling to you but first reassess what you understand about the world. Do you accept what you have been told is the truth or will you find your own. He moves into Libra and your 10 house on September 9 this should be a payoff time. Focus and creativity may be rewarded with advancement. Powerful people will be willing to support you. But please maintain humility in success.

Capricorn – Saturn transits Sagittarius and your 12. You are comfortable dealing with the normal routines of everyday life. But now you must focus on your inner world and open to the power of your spirit to heal your limitations and fears. His year long dance with Neptune 3 will be exact in June and September bringing you the opportunity to expand your ability to assimilate and communicate knowledge from a higher realm. Creativity and imagination are enhanced and you will inspire with your words. Saturn gives form and structure, Neptune imagination and faith.

Capricorn – the Uranus – Pluto Square has instigated crisis in the world and change in our lives. But now the intensity is weakening allowing positive change. Uranus has helped you develop a deep sense of emotional security and strength in the face of challenge. Now use the power of Pluto to relax your personality, so you can explore new possibilities by expressing your true self.