Capricorn – Venus and Mars the cosmic lovers are moving together in your eighth house. You may feel you know how to get what you want from others but think again. Venus is retrograde her power to entice and enchant partners may be a bit off kilter. The problem is Mars may make you a bit more bold than usual and your common sense can be overcome by inflamed passions. It sounds like fun but sensuality can burn you as well as make you glow.

Capricorn – the solar eclipse on the 13 th is a powerful New Moon that effects your 9th house of the higher mind. It gives you the opportunity to expand your mind through learning and travel. This is an excellent time to start a new course of study that’ll broaden your understanding of the world and different cultures. You may be ambitious for success but must remember that diplomacy can take you much further than blind aggression. You need a tested plan to move up in the world and gain success.

Capricorn – Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 12 house for the next two years on September 18 th. Its time to get real about your inner being, your hidden fears and your spirituality. You are inclined to exist of the plane of everyday reality. But now you must listen to the realm of the soul. Be quiet, go inside, practice prayer and meditation. Doing so will help heal your inner being and overcome your personal limitations. This is a time of preparation for the future a future that can be exciting. Heal your weaknesses and develop your strengths to move ahead.