Gemini – the month begins with a happy crescent Moon It connects your 9th & 11th houses. It’s a good time to gain understanding of other cultures as well as your own. You may have the opportunity to attend a class, lecture or take a trip. You’ll break boring routines by expanding your mind. Your thinking on a high level so follow your beliefs but do not be limited by them.

Gemini – Jupiter goes retrograde in your third house. Take time to re-evaluate what you’ve been doing for the past few months. Your mind has been active and you’ve gained a lot of new information. But what good is it if you don’t assimilate knowledge and learn how to use practically. Use your ability to synthesize information so you can communicate effectively with others. And remember home is where the heart is.

Gemini – Venus and Mars are traveling together in your11 house all month bringing opportunities for pleasure and romance by meeting new people at social and business functions. Your ideas are valuable but you must learn how to share them. Make sure you use diplomacy when you tell people what you think. there’s a sense of independence in the air. The Secret Of Love is showing you care.

Gemini – the month ends with a spike of energy when Mars joins Uranus on the 26th in your 11 house. This can be a time of opportunity for meeting new people both in the business and personal sense. So get out and about and do the social networking. make sure you separate personal and business interests. The opposition to Jupiter on the 27 in your 5 house warns you to keep the peace in romantic situations. Use common sense, don’t get into trouble.