Leo – The first 10 days of the month are full of excitement as Mars energizes Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Mars trines Jupiter from the 7 of partners to the 3 of communications on the first bringing a note of optimism to the holiday season. You have the opportunity to stand out in the crowd so express your ideas with the courage & conviction. New opportunities are all around you. Mars sextiles Saturn in your 5 on the 3rd. It’s important that you cooperate with others in a creative project. This can build a bond of friendship and respect that will last a long time. When Mars sextiles Uranus on the sixth in your 9 your open to new ideas and unusual possibilities. This is not the time to be conservative so stretch yourself and develop whatever genius you have.

Leo – Sun Conjunct Saturn in 5 – Your fifth house of creativity, romance and children receives a wake up call to slow down or you may hit a wall. The Sun loves pleasure and indulgence but love and pleasure have a cost. Too mush pleasure, can lead to pain. Unrequited love causes deep sorrow. You must make every effort to realistic in this sensitive part of life. Maintain warmth and loyalty.

Leo – Mercury RX in 6th House just before the holidays warns you to pay attention to your work. Attention to detail may be difficult as this energy breads confusion and disarray. Make sure the alarm clock is working, check schedules and workflow for glitches and make sure your projects stay within the proper deadlines. Remember, worry can effect your health and well being.

Leo – Christmas Day begins with a beautiful Venus Jupiter Trine to your 3 house. You have a green light for fun and new experiences. Make sure you communicate your feelings with gentle caring and a little surprise. Venus then sextiles Saturn in your 5 house of romance and pleasure so you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Venus also sextiles Uranus in your 9 house bringing sparkle and excitement for the future. This is a good time to think about your ambitions.