Libra – the beginning the month is influenced by the energy of the Cancer New Moon in your 10 house. Combine your excellent sense of public relations with your gentle emotions and you will win the hearts and minds of important people. Step up to the plate with your inspired ideas and you might just hit a grand slam. Its nice to have all those people rooting for you.

Libra – Jupiter enters Leo and your 11 house on July 17. Jupiter is the king of the gods and Leo in the sign of the king or queen so this can be the beginning of a twelve year cycle of expansion.
This energy will help open doors for you if you get out into the world and mix with other people. Opportunities await in the fields of public relations and humanitarian causes. So tune up your networking skills and share your ideas to create a brighter world.

Libra – Saturn moves direct in Scorpio and your 2 house which can bring some constructive changes in your attitudes concerning what you own and why. You can increase the depth of your personal values by strengthening your talents and abilities. You should focus on your real needs and not just your desires. You can become a more effective person and increase your ability to earn more money. But the real question lies in how you value your self.