Libra – the Full moon on June 2 falls in your 3rd house of communications and travel. Your mind is a bit restless and fidgety as your emotions may be clouding your sense of logic. Its important to watch where you’re going and maintain your famous sense of political correctness. Words have an emotional impact at a Full Moon. Take time to analyze the details and you will not make silly mistakes. The T – Square to Neptune in your 6 house brings confusion or illumination. You may feel a bit out of balance as a sense of confusion permeates your every day routines. Maintain discipline in work and diet but remain open to your intuition.

Libra- when Mercury returns to direct motion on the 11 th in your 9th house of understanding and the higher mind, the power of your concentration and your ability to communicate more clearly will help eliminate confusion and bring a new sense of direction toward reaching your goals and personal ambitions. This will be important on the 14 th when Mars conjuncts the Sun and you take action to get ahead.

Libra – Jupiter continues his transit through Leo and your 11house . There are many opportunities to get out and mix with other people as new doors are open to you. Use your networking tools and get involved in public relations and humanitarian causes. You have some great ideas that may help create a brighter world. The powerful trine to Uranus in your 7 house may bring an unexpected opportunity to meet an unusual partner or come before the public. Go for it.