Libra – The month begins on a note of caution as the last quarter moon conjuncts Saturn in your 3 house and squares Jupiter in the 12. You may be receiving mixed messages as Saturn brings delay and Jupiter optimism. You need to balance these opposing forces so you don’t feel confused and alone. Take some time for quiet and meditation. This will help quiet the noise all around you. You’ll make better decisions and know exactly where you want to go with your life

Libra – Mars is transiting your 3 of learning, communications and travel. This energy can stimulate your mind and open new areas of interest. You’ll be more philosophically inclined and will want to express your brilliant ideas to others. It’s also time to expand your horizons so learn what you need & put good ideas into practice. You may be a bit scattered so make sure you keep yourself focused on important issues. Impulsive words and actions should be controlled.

Libra the conjunction of Venus and Neptune in the 6 will inspire you in self improvement and work situations. Your creativity and ingenuity help you tackle work and you may be surprised by a nice reward. Watch your diet and start an exercise routine so you look better, feel better and have more energy. Don’t get lazy and over indulge or you’ll slow down your mind which can hurt your creative efforts. Ingenuity, new techniques and vision make your life more satisfying

Libra – a complex T – square pits the pleasure planet Venus in your 6 of daily routine against expansive Jupiter in your 12 of hidden fears while restrictive Saturn goes stationary rx in your 3 of mind and communications. This is a tricky aspect that may leave you feeling at odds with yourself. You need to keep focused on your daily routine and get the job done but you may be seeking an escape from reality. You can take some time for yourself away from the maddening crowd but Saturn retrograde warns you to pay attention to the details, for mountains are made out of molehills