Libra – The month begins with Mercury Conjunct unpredictable Uranus in your 8 H. This may open a new sense of psychic awareness. Uranus can release some hidden fears so a new sense of passion comes into your life. Jupiter goes retrograde in your 4 house. Take time to re-evaluate what you’ve been doing for the past few months. Your emotions have gone through a growth spurt as you’ve made deeper connections. Saturn is retrograde in the 5 house. You must learn from your romantic adventures. Have you been lucky in love or have you experienced disappointment? the conjunction of Venus and Mercury 9 on the 22 nd will be helpful in giving you an understanding of what other people believe. The pace picks up with an exciting Mars Uranus sextile on the 25 th. Mars in the 6 stimulates physical & nervous energy. The lively sextile to Uranus in your 8 house may bring unexpected experiences.