Libra – the Taurus New Moon in your 8th house of sensuality and renewal brings an opportunity to examine where you are and where you are going in the world. Where have you been successful and where have you failed in intimate or business dealings with partners. You can experience a new chance for success if you are willing to negotiate for what you need and blend your energy with another.

Libra – Mars moves forward in your1of personal expression and appearance. this energy can be a bit impulsive and adventurous which may surprise some people. Make your wishes & your presence known. You can be aggressive but don’t be egotistical or people will turn away. Disciplined this energy and focus on self improvement plans. You will be more effective if you are efficient, practical and follow a well thought out plan of action.

Libra — You’ll love the sense of excitement as Venus joins Uranus in your 7 house. Normally Venus brings a sense of cooperation and appreciation of your partners as she transits the 7 house. You are open to your partners ideas ans will happily support them. However, when Uranus joins this loving planet he can shake things up. Boring situations just won’t do as you and your partner seek new challenges and opportunities that can bring spice to your life. Be a bit careful for willfulness and independence can cause disharmony and separations. Seek the new, head to the future but remember cooperation can make it more rewarding.