As May Begins – The Sun & Mars Opposite Saturn

Aries – The Sun and Mars in your second house compel you to focus on spending and making money. You should know what you want and what will make you feel secure. An opposition to Saturn in your eighth house may remind you that you must be careful with joint finances and property held in common. If you are reckless with joint finances there may be big consequences. Make sure you are willing to share with others or they will with hold their support.

Taurus – The Sun and Mars in your first house compel you to move forward with determination so you can express your energy and find your true desires. An opposition to Saturn in your seventh house will block your forward motion unless you consider the needs of others. You must compromise between personal desires and responsibilities or you will run into a wall. Be sure to follow the letter of the law and watch your public image. Follow good business advice.

Gemini – The Sun and Mars in your twelfth house compels you to run away from the world. This may be to act on secretive matters or it may be necessary to find a sanctuary from the craziness of the world. An opposition to Saturn in your sixth house suggests that its nice to take some time for recuperation so you can regenerate your energy but duty may be calling to you. Take the time to balance your deeper spiritual needs with material duties. Take care of yourself.

Cancer -The Sun and Mars in your eleventh house compels you to get together with your favorite social group so you can have a good time or to become involved in humanitarian efforts so you can improve the world. An opposition from Saturn in your fifth house asks you to focus on personal desires and romantic pleasures. If you spend all your time partying with friends or chasing rainbows you may be left out in the cold. Balance your inner and outer worlds.

Leo – The Sun and Mars in your tenth house compels you to be aggressive in your career. You want to be noticed for your talents and you want to make your mark in the world. You may even push for a raise. An opposition to Saturn in the fourth house will remind you not to take your personal security needs for granted. Success may occur in the outer world but it may be based on deeper issues. You must balance your professional duties with your family responsibilities.

Virgo – The Sun and Mars in your ninth house compels you to expand your knowledge through travel and education. You may feel that more knowledge will bring you to the heights of power and success. An opposition to Saturn in your third house will remind you that knowledge without understanding has no practical application in the world and any attempt to force your unproven ideas on others may fall painfully flat. Do your homework to succeed.

Scorpio – The Sun and Mars in your seventh house compels you to pay attention to the world outside. You may be very aggressive and determined to succeed so that you can make your mark in the world. And opposition to Saturn in your first house tells you to move carefully as you interact with others they may not have the same goals and ambitions as you. Do not feel frustrated or you may create hard feelings. You can achieve by controlling yourself.

Libra – The Sun and Mars in your eighth house compels you to approach all situations where you must share with others with honesty and determination. This is an important time to make sure the books are balanced. An opposition to Saturn in your second house may force you to renegotiate business deals or draw upon your resources to pay any debts. You must maintain your personal values while at the same time respecting the values of other people.

Sagittarius – the Sun and Mars in your sixth house compels you to keep your nose to the grindstone so that you can take care of business and get ahead. You’ll feel full of energy, vim and vigor. An opposition to Saturn in the 12th house may remind you that you can’t just focus on everyday things because there are deeper spiritual issues to attend. You must balance your work and your spiritual needs. this will help prepare you for a more successful future.

Capricorn – the Sun and Mars in your fifth house inspire you to work on creative projects and take some time for romance and sensual pleasure. You’ll feel like letting the good times roll. An opposition to Saturn in your 11th house may remind you that you may have some responsibilities or promises to keep in the larger world . Yes you still can have some pleasure but you must be careful not to forget who you’re with and what you’re trying to achieve through others.

Aquarius – the Sun and Mars in your fourth house compel you to deepen your sense of security by building a firm foundation in your home life. Remember what Dorothy said there’s no place like home. An opposition to Saturn in your 10th house may create some difficulty between what you want to do at home and what you need to do in your career. You must learn how to balance duty and responsibility to your home and family without forgetting your career ambitions.

Pisces – The Sun and Mars in your third house compel you to say what you want to say and go where you want to go. Your mind may be fast but it should also be practical. An opposition to Saturn in the ninth house may remind you that your thoughts and ideas may not be shared by other people. This does not mean you have to go to war. In fact, it means you have to be open so that you can create understand where differences appear. That will help you get ahead