Aries – The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 8, warns you to be careful when dealing with others on an intimate and financial basis. You may think that you know what others are thinking and what they need emotionally and you may think that they understand what you are saying and need emotionally but you may be wrong. You must be willing to let go of preconceived notions and negative habit patterns. You must make adjustments in financial dealings if necessary and you must clarify your needs when dealing on an intimate level.

Taurus -The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 7 Warns you to listen very carefully to what other people are saying. There is a lot of confusion in the air and if you want to eliminate the need for I’m sorry or I didn’t understand, you’ll be sensitive to the possibility that anyone can make a mistake or say the wrong thing. Watch out for political types who promise the world just to get what they want. Don’t let your guard down in public, study the details on contracts and please keep your action within the letter and spirit of the law.

Gemini – The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 6 Warns you to take care with details especially in the area of work. You may think you know what a boss or client expects of you but you better check any written or spoken directions twice. You don’t want to do a lot of work and then have to fix it later on. You may also need to examine any changes you want to make to improve your own sense of effectiveness as a person. You want to be efficient and productive but old habit patterns could be holding you back Improve yourself.

Cancer – The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 5 warns you to keep control of the pleasure principle and extravagance. Your fantasies may lead you to the perfect person. And your desires may allow you to act before you think. But think over any impulsive action is a requirement so you don’t disappoint yourself. The reality of the person or object of your desire may disappoint you. The same thing may be said about creative projects. You may think you have a brilliant idea only to find out it will not work in reality.

Leo – . The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 4 warns you to control your emotions and not allow fear to color your feelings. There is a very powerful connection between your thoughts and your emotions and they can get bit out of hand. It is extremely important that you keep a clear mind in any discussions that will effect your home and family. You may need to handle personal matters with wisdom. Don’t react quickly, don’t allow jealousy or manipulation to rear their ugly head. You may need to make some household repairs.

Virgo – The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 3 warns you to control your ability to be critical of people and situations. Your sign is ruled by Mercury so you may be very sensitive to his retrograde influence. Your ability to analyze information may be tested by confused information or you may be reading situations and people in the wrong way. If you are unsure of details in important communications, check them twice. If your traveling, your GPS directions may be messed up. And remember, useless worry is the mind killer.

Libra – The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 2 warns you to control your spending and watch your budget. Mercury in the second house can bring money making opportunities. But he can also spend like a sailor on shore leave. You may also question what your true values are. Why do you want shinny things? Will they make you a better person or add value to your being? You must not spend your valuable talents or resources on frivolous things. Its important that you listen to wisdom of Socrates and truly Know Thyself

Scorpio – The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 1 warns you to control your emotions and the way you express yourself. You have powerful emotions that are normally under control but you may find some challenging situations or confused people coming your way. You may need to stop and think twice before you react to them. This is a time for you to create inner emotional depth while at the same time using discipline to redefine the power of your personality. You must control your ego and clarify your outward personality.

Sagittarius – The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 8 warns you to control your Since this occurs in the twelfth house of your chart Sagittarius, it is time to turn away from the world so you can examine your inner nature. You will have to examine what you have achieved in the world to this point and how that has help you develop your spiritual nature. This is a good time for prayer, meditation and retreats so you can clarify the essence of your experience. This is the house of Karma. Look now at what you have sown and what you have reaped. You are ending one cycle and a new one will begin. Use your inner spiritual and visionary resources to plan a better future.

Capricorn – .The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 8 warns you to control your Since this occurs in the eleventh house of your chart Capricorn, this becomes an important time to understand and use the power of the social and business contacts you’ve developed. This can be a purposeful and creative time if you have produced tangible returns for yourself in the real world. People will respect your achievements but they may also remember your failures. Do not get hung up in what you have done for yourself, its time to use your expertise to help the world. You must look to the future, forget your frustrations and develop an approach that will bring you a new sense of purpose

Aquarius – The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 8 warns you to control your Since this occurs in the tenth house of your chart Aquarius, this is a critical time to be recognized for what you have done in the world. You are seeking success in the terms of profession or social standing. You may feel that you have to produce more or take on more responsibilities but that might cause frustrations and burdens. The real key to success at this time is to move naturally in what you know you can do and become efficient and effective. This time period can make the height of success or a fall from grace. It all depends on knowing what you can achieve and working toward that goal.

Pisces – The Mercury Saturn Faux Pas 8 warns you to control your Since this occurs in the ninth house of your chart Pisces, it is an important time for you to open yourself to new theories, philosophical ideas, and religious belief systems that can broaden your mind. You are connected to a culture by experience and learning, but did you ever question the veracity of what you have been taught to believe. You must do so now and if the knowledge you’ve acquired is faulty, you may have to readjust your beliefs. You may decide to travel, pursue a higher level of education or take your religion to heart. This is to help you gain an intellectual foundation for the future.