Aries – the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 7 th house. You don’t like playing second fiddle to anyone Aries but this is a good time to be open to needs of other people be they business or romantic partners. If you want to keep the peace you will control your instinctive reactions to that balance and harmony may be achieved. You may be surprised at the effectiveness of cooperative efforts. The key is to enjoy helping other people on their pet projects. This will win their approval and improve your public relations skills.

Taurus – the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 6 th house. A new cycle of energy will put you front and center in the gym or at work. Use the power of positive thinking and constructive energy to get yourself started on some big new project that is coming your way at work. A daily exercise routine and change of diet will improve your attitude. You have some real practical abilities for getting things done and you’ll be able to prove that by rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done. This may lead to some real rewards.

Gemini – the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 5 th house. This is a great area for harmonizing energy with someone you love. The candles are burning, the wine will be poured and sweet music can surround you. Make the most of this new cycle of energy to improve your personal relations and enhance your creative skills. What ever Muse brings you pleasure is calling your name and asking you to share your talents with someone special. Just be careful not to overindulge, spend too much or be too self-involved.

Cancer – the new moon on October 4 th falls in your 4 th house. They say home is where the heart is but you know there’s much more to it than that. It takes a good relationship, a place you can call your own and the ability to get along with others on an intimate level. These elements can bring you a real sense of security. Once security is established you can then look at improving your physical surroundings. So get out the paintbrush, clean out the garage or buy some new furniture. This will help create a sense of balance in your life

Leo– the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 3 rd house. New ideas may be coming at you from every direction in your mind may be swimming through the possibilities. The problem may be that you need to reorganize your approach to detailed work so you can keep balance in your life. Here’s a tip you may be able to buy a new computer or new program that can help you keep on top of your responsibilities. If you take a step-by-step approach you’ll get your work done and have some time to take a trip to enjoy the colors of fall.

Virgo – the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 2 nd house. A new cycle in this area of your chart bodes well for an improved financial situation. But to create this, you have to take some time to figure out exactly what is most important to you as well as your partners. More problems occur between people because of money misunderstandings that any other type of personal problem. Sit down, figure out a new budget and know where your money is going. A successful financial plan needs to have a balanced approach.

Libra – the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 1 st house. It looks like you’re in the spotlight this month so put on your Sunday best and make a good impression where it counts. Your energy is increased, your sensitivity is at a high-level and you can attract people who have what you need. So don’t hide your light under a basket get out into the world. Your ability to treat other people fairly and too look good doing it can make you a big winner. Remember, you’re a natural at public relations so use this talent well.

Scorpio– the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 12 th house. You are a very intense person and you have a wonderful way of keeping your emotions to yourself. This doesn’t mean you aren’t expressive it just means you’re wise enough to know your greatest weaknesses, passion. This cycle suggests that you should go deep inside within your being and deal with any inner problems that may be shaking the boat. You can purge negative emotions and thoughts wall awakening a new sense of inner balance and harmony.

Sagittarius – the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 11 th house. You are naturally a very outgoing, social and gregarious person. Your personality allows you to get along with just about anybody. But this new cycle asks you to add a bit of finesse to your social interactions. The way you approach other people and how you get involved in group situations can open the door to new opportunities. This is a good time to move ahead with new business or social projects that can increase your standing in the community.

Capricorn – the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 10 th house. You normally take a practical and structured approach to your career responsibilities. This can be a very important cycle for achievement if you can add a touch of cooperation and finesse to your professional skills. An important project may cross your desk or new opportunity can be brought through business or social contacts but it may require you to share responsibilities. Just remember, cooperation and joining with others can help you succeed in a big way.

Aquarius- the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 9 th house. This is a cycle that can help you expand your possibilities by allowing you to express the visionary qualities of your mind. You have a natural ability to understand the ideas that connect people together. You know beliefs create a common bond. Now you may find a way to use your ideas to help you move ahead in the world. You’ll need to use some persistence, ambition and insight to formulate a balanced comprehensive plan that can sway the minds of others.

Pisces – the new Moon on October 4 th falls in your 8 th house. This is one of the power areas of your chart and this cycle asks you to take a close look at your connection to other people. What have they brought to you both emotionally and materially and what have you brought to them. You may have to balance your sensitivity and the emotional needs of your partner. When two people are on the same physical and psychic wavelength the results can be truly amazing. Deepen the sense of intimacy in your relationships.