Pluto Direct & Venus Square Mars are Below

Aries – the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 6 th house. This is a positive energy as you are ready to start a new cycle of work and business. So put your nose to the grindstone and your shoulder to the wheel. You’ll find it easier to start healthy new habit patterns or change destructive ones and you’ll have more energy. Get down to the tasks at hand…. you’ll be pleased by the results and you may even gain some recognition for your problem solving skills..

Taurus – the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 5 th house. While most other people may be worrying about getting back to business and all their normal routines, you may be thinking of sneaking away for a last-minute vacation. Pleasure and creativity are calling to you and you might have the right answer, yes. You may even get a good deal cause the crowds are gone. Just a little bit careful with your budget. If you control yourself now you won’t worry later.

Gemini – the new moon on September 5 th falls in your 4 th house. If something needs to be fixed or remodeled or cleaned out now is the time to make a plan of action and follow it step-by-step. You’ll enjoy working with other family members to get things done. And be willing to volunteer if a family member needs help. You might find a great sense of satisfaction by getting things done. Just remember to keep one eye focused on your career responsibilities.

Cancer– the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 3 rd house. This is an area of life that demands organization and attention to detail so don’t go running around at the drop of a hat. There’s too much work to be done and too little time to handle it all. Make sure all your electronic equipment is running and in top shape so you have one less thing to worry about. Some new and good ideas may come to you. Try to share them in a clear and logical manner.

Leo – the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 2 nd house. This is the house of personal values so would be wise for you to take time to do an audit on what is important to you & what is not. Money is important in this world, but your talents give you the ability to make it. Take stock on all the abilities that you have and how you can improve them. If you develop a new and efficient system now for handling your finances you’ll put your self in a much better place.

Virgo – the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 1 st house. There is a lot of energy coming your way so you should make a real effort to use it efficiently. Reach out into your world. Meet some new people. Do some new activities. You may find that you’ll attract a lot of nice people into your circle. And when they realize how helpful and caring you are, they’ll share you with their friends. This type of networking will keep you what the top of your game.

Libra – the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 12 th house. This is a great time to do some important inner work. You can’t be healthy or efficient if you’re walking around in daze being effected by a world full of worry. Step back take some time for prayer and meditation, try to listen to your inner voice and clear your self of negative thoughts. This will help you regenerate and beginning a new spiritual cycle. You need to charge your inner batteries.

Scorpio – the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 11 th house. You normally have keen insights into other people and what they need. Now you can harness that talent and use it to help organizations or groups of people that need some guidance. This is a good time to develop your networking skills. Your insights can help move an important social or business projects forward. Just remember to aim your criticism at business problems and not people problems.

Sagittarius – the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 10 th house. This can be an important time to get yourself grounded so you can take on new business responsibilities with efficiency and control. There are plenty of opportunities in front of you but you may have to prove your professional abilities. The projects that you start now may have important ramifications in the future. Put your shoulder to the wheel, put your heart and head together and aim for success.

Capricorn – the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 9 th house You normally take a conservative approach but now you might want to open your mind to some new ideas. There is a big world out there and if you take a careful look around you might find a bigger place in it for you. Be productive, be ambitious and be willing to take on more responsibility. You are ambitious by nature but you sometimes miss the big picture. A gamble now may pay off later.

Aquarius – the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 8 th house. Take a careful look at yourself and your habit patterns. Are there any patterns that are hurting you? If so change them now for you have the power of transformation at your fingertips. Look to the important people in your life and what they mean to you. You may be able to deepen your feelings and your ability to share on an intimate level. This can bring new excitement and deeper satisfaction into your life.

Pisces – the new Moon on September 5 th falls in your 7 th house. You already know that you’re an emotional being and that you’re easily affected by the people around you. This is a good time to be open to the ideas of other people especially those you trust. They may be more aware of the nuts and bolts needed to get a job done. And sometimes it’s better to let somebody else take the lead if they’re more efficient. If success comes you can always share the rewards later.