Spirituality & Love

Neptune, turns direct this month in Pisces, his own sign. This can bring many benefits to the spiritually aware bringing empathy and healing. His power can enhance the imagination and the ability to visualize. Venus also forms a trine with Neptune over Thanksgiving bringing a beautiful glow of love and warmth to this Holiday. You may also experience heightened sensuality so enjoy the gifts that love brings you. Here is how this creative aspect will effect your sign.

Aries – Neptune moves forward in your 12th house brings a great deepening to your spiritual awareness, connecting you to the psychic and enhancing your imagination. A state of meditation will be easier to achieve and you may find more peace in your life. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by false promises and untested theories. Your dreams may point you to the path of the future. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 8 can bring a heightened sense of sensuality Take advantage of intimate pleasure with the one you love.

Taurus — Neptune moves forward in your 11th house. Brings a new sense of connection to your most important friendships. You feel a growth in spiritual understanding as you join others in humanitarian pursuits. Its like being at a cosmic tea party. But Neptune also has a dark side so be a bit careful with people who would try to manipulate your feelings to get what they want. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 7 brings a touch of romance in social and relationship issues. You may fall in love with a deep passionate stranger.

Gemini – Neptune moves forward in your 10th house. Keep your eye, ears and psychic sense open for new opportunities are coming your way. Dreams inspire but hard work spells success – together they help you to focus on achieving your goals. Be practical for this area makes or breaks your future. Glamour and fame are nice but true satisfaction come from following your spiritual path. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 6 enhances your ability to succeed in work by giving a special creative touch and insight. Take the creative path.

Cancer – Neptune moves forward in your 9th house. He opens opportunities to advance your understanding of the workings of the mind. You may realize the power of belief supercedes the power of logic. You must follow your ideas because they may be inspired by spirit. However you must be careful not to be fooled by promises that are made to manipulate. Truth will always be simple. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 5 brings a gentle wow factor into your love life. You may feel that love has brought you to a new level of pleasure.

Leo – Neptune moves forward in your 8th House. This is an extremely powerful if not subtle transit which can open the power of your imagination and spirituality. Your psychic power is increased and your sensuality may bring amazing experiences through partners. Do not try to manipulate or hypnotize others with your magnetism for this can backfire on you. Clarity is extremely important. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 4 shines blessings on your home and family. You can create peace and joy within your family.

Virgo – Neptune moves forward in your 7th house. There is more to love and relationships than is commonly taught. The character of the two people must be weighed in the scales of Justice. A spiritual bond will last longer than money in the bank. This is not a good time to take your partner for granted or to take foolish risks. You or your partner may step onto the stage of life. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 3 opens your mind to new understanding. You have beautiful ideas…. now you must find the right words to express them.

Libra – Neptune moves forward in your 6th house. This is the house of work and health so you may have some changes in those areas. Use your creativity and ingenuity to tackle the demands at work and you may be surprised by a nice reward. Meditation, natural healing techniques and a sensible diet may bring you a spiritual and emotional healing. Bad habits must be changed to protect your energy and nerves. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 2 may bring an opportunity to make more money through creative or visionary work.

Scorpio – Neptune moves forward in your 5th house. This can be an excellent time to begin a new creative approach in your life. You have subtle sensations that most people may overlook but that can empower your genius. Use the inspiration that comes your way in a productive manner. Be careful with your sensuality in romantic situations. Pleasure can become addictive on many levels and steal your energy. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the1 allows you to project a magnetic aura that adds attractiveness to your personality.

Sagittarius – Neptune moves forward in your 4th house bringing a deep sense of spiritual awareness that can connect you to the source of wisdom and understanding. This world is full of illusions and emotional traps and you may now have the ability to see through them. Your intuition is empowered but so is your sensitivity so keep clear to avoid emotional confusion. It can be caused by fears and insecurity. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 12 brings the power of your dreams to life. Listen with your heart and mind.

Capricorn – Neptune moves forward in your 3 rd house. Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that are drifting through your mind. These thoughts go beyond normal consciousness. Harnessed this power to improve your communications. You may be able to sense changes in the environment before they occur but you must be careful not to allow fantasy to overcome reality. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 11 can bring a wonderful opportunity to connect with sensitive people who share your idea of how to better the world.

Aquarius – Neptune moves forward in your 2nd house. New insights come about the use of money and personal resources. Your talents may improve so you can express your genius with flair. Money can be made through creative and imaginative projects but they must have a real purpose behind them. Remember, when it comes to money, don’t invest in unrealistic schemes. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 10 may bring an opportunity to advance in your career. You must be creative and sensitive to gain success.

Pisces – Neptune moves forward in your1 st house. You have been given the gift of sensitivity and charisma and you can use it to influence people. There is a mystical and creative air about you that you can use to get ahead. You may also have a dreamy romantic persona that many people just can’t resist. Use the power of glamour but be careful not to manipulate. You must be honest and straightforward. Neptune’s trine to Venus in the 9 can help you use the power of your vision to create a new and better reality. Be compassionate.