Mercury is retrograde 1/20 – 2/11 Aquarius in your 12 house unusual ideas and confused feeling should not be trusted. Clarify before you act. 5/18 – 6/11 Gemini in your 4 house too much talk and disruptive action will throw family and career matters into confusion . 9/17 – 10/9 Libra in your 8 house suggests you take some time to understand exactly what your partner needs. Be nurturing.

Venus Goddess of Love shines her light on you from 1/28 – 2/21/2015. It’s an excellent time to deepen your commitment to the people that you love. She also shines her light on you from 5/8 – 6/5/2015 when you can use your sensitivity to appeal to the spiritual nature of your lover. She retrogrades from 7/25 – 9/6/2015 so practice kindness and gentleness

Mars is in your sign and 1 house from 1/13 – 2/20/2015. Take advantage of the increased energy that will help you be more ambitious and expressive. You can overcome obstacles that have held you back personally. He inspires you to take creative and romantic action 6/25 – 8/8/2015 when his energy helps turn on your charm and may attract a gentle and satisfying love.

Jupiter starts the year retrograde in your 6 and the sign Leo. This is a good time to change your diet and health patterns. If you need to go on a diet, do it. If you need exercise, join a gym. You’ll reap benefits in health and work if you feel fit. He moves into Virgo and your 7 house on August 11, 2015. You’ll have opportunities to strut your stuff so make sure your ready to put on a show. Cooperation is important as are public relations initiatives. Love and trust can bring new warmth to your life.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 10 house for the first time in 29 years. You need to examine your ability to gain power and recognition in your career or social situation. Effective action is rewarded but you must know how to manage the energy of others. He will retrograde back into your 9 house of beliefs from 6/16 till 9/19. Take time to review the lessons you’ve learned concerning your values. Are your personal ambitions in line with societies values or must you change them. Do so now for its time to move ahead.

Uranus has brought change energy to your 2 house of personal resources for the past few years. He’s given you the energy and opportunity to become more effective by developing your talents. This has brought you freedom from fear and economic want. The final Square to Pluto in your 11 house will help you judge the true value of social or business organizations. You will seek out people and organizations that have proven their social worth. You can join them to better your corner of the world.

Neptune brings his subtle and creative energy to your 1house. This is an important time to listen to the more subtle side of your personality. You have the power to influence others with your magnetic charm and flair for the dramatic. Neptune is retrograde from June till November so do not deceive or manipulate yourself or others.