Aries – A deep slow revolution is happening in your tenth house. You do not relish the thought of taking orders from anyone so you’re going to have to find your own place in the world. You must use your energy in a positive and utilitarian manner to be a success and if you haven’t succeeded you will have to change your approach. You mus t be efficient, productive and responsible to achieve your own ambitions. You need to stand out in the world.

Taurus – A deep slow revolution is happening in your ninth house. You have been known to be a bit fixed in your thinking but that will not suffice any more if you want to move ahead. You have a great new opportunity to gain a new understanding of the world or you can go stagnant.

Understanding how belief systems work will help you expand your mind and raise your aspirations. Your higher intuitive mind is trying to grow – let it out of the box.

Gemini – A deep slow revolution is happening in your eighth house. This is a time of power or destruction and perhaps a little of each. You must deepen yourself and know what is most important to you. You are a mental being but now you must become thoughtful. Seek the deeper meanings of your ideas and your intimate experiences. Join your power with the power of others, clarify your goals and together you will become a force to be reckoned with.

Cancer – A deep slow revolution is happening in your seventh house – You may have to change your focus to the needs of your relationships. There are powerful under currents of change which may be disturbing the status quo and you must be aware of any adjustments that must be made heal, improve or end a relationships. If someone is on a power trip, stay away from them. Manipulation or dishonestly is unacceptable and if you see injustice in the world, try to fix it

Leo – A deep slow revolution is happening in your sixth house – You need to look into your everyday life and see where you can make it efficient and productive. This may be important in your work which may require more of your energy and time. Responsibility is fine and you can handle it, but there must also be reward for your effort. The same can be said in the area of health. Get on a healthy diet and exercise routine and you’ll be rewarded with good health.

Virgo – A deep slow revolution is happening in your fifth house – Take a deep look into your life, do you have the pleasure and enjoyment that you want? Do you have a special person that shares intimacy or is something missing. The same goes for your self expression. You need good healthy emotional outlets. If you can’t express your true feelings, understand why. Take time to explore your creative and romantic potentials and change what needs to be changed,

Libra – A deep slow revolution is happening in your fourth house – Do you feel secure in your life? The deepest part of your emotions are being challenged and you need to find your roots. Look carefully at your early home and family life. Did you get the support you needed to move out into life or was there something missing. Just as body strength begins with core muscles emotional strength begins with your spiritual core. Build your sense of spiritual integrity.

Scorpio – A deep slow revolution is happening in your third house – You have a penetrating and deep mind that seeks answers to some of life’s most difficult questions. But now you must examine the process of questioning itself. Has it lead you to the truth or a truth. Find the area of deepest meaning in your life. Have you been manipulated by flawed belief systems or is there something more powerful? If you have learned a truth, teach it to others without manipulation

Sagittarius – A deep slow revolution is happening in your second house – You have value different values than many people. High on the list is freedom of thought and expression. Many others seek money, property and more possessions, you may seek to develop a lifestyle that brings truth, happiness and satisfaction. To find it look closely at your personal talents. What do you do better than most? That talent is your Holy Grail and what you must develop to be happy.

Capricorn – A deep slow revolution is happening in your first house. – You are attracted to power like a magnet but you don’t always have the confidence or flexibility to use it well. You need to look at the structure of your self expression. Are you too rigid, do you fear failure? You have a pressing need to express yourself but you must learn to develop humility and gentleness to be effective. If other people recoil from you, find out why and change your approach to life.

Aquarius – A deep slow revolution is happening in your twelfth house – something is stirring inside you and it is asking you to change on the deepest level. Listen to your dreams. Follow the power of your intuition and super conscious mind. Is fear are holding you back. You must find the real meaning of your soul and not be intimidated by the teachings of fear. This can be a time of great awakening but you must discard darkness so you can follow your personal light.

Pisces – A deep slow revolution is happening in your eleventh house – Social and business groups can play an important role in our lives. But now you must examine why you join certain groups and how your association with other people has improved your life. Do you experience positive growth and reinforcement or are they a drain on your spirit? Be bold in your approach to social interaction. If a group doesn’t live up to the standards they profess change or leave it.