Hand Drawn Natal Astrology Chart

Your Natal Astrology chart is a hand drawn, individually interpreted work of art based on your time, date and place of birth. It scientifically reports the position of the planets using the Tropical Zodiac and Placidus House System, the most popular system in use today. An in-depth 40 – 45 page document is prepared for you using easy to understand language. It interprets the planets by house and sign positions and includes mathematically significant aspects which describe energy forces between the planets and other sensitive points on your birth chart. The positions characterize the basic life purpose of the individual, help you understand your personality, mental and communicative functions, your love and desire nature, expansive and protective tendencies, your eccentricities and spiritual life and the inner potential for transformation and qualitative change. All the positions of the planets are interpreted for you, as well as your Ascendant, any important Midheaven aspects and an overview of the chart is given. A chart is a life study – most people find it incredibly accurate and helpful. In a very important way, it is a gift from the self… to the self.

Approximately 40 – 45 pages (Allow 3 weeks)
Call (518) 434 – 8727 to arrange an appointment.

Price: $190.00

Shipping: $5.00

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