Scorpio – a combination of easy aspect begins the month on a positive note. Mars energizes your emotional nature increasing your desire for success while Saturn stabilizes your sense of duty and responsibility. The new moon in your 10 brings an opportunity for advancement and a new cycle of creative expression. It may be time to aim for the stars

Scorpio – The month begins as Saturn turns direct in Scorpio and your 2 house of money and resources. You have been forced to understand the substance of your being. This transit is thought of in relations to money and possessions but it goes much deeper. We get money and possessions by exercising our talents and improving our abilities. You must now improve your effectiveness so that you can attract what you need and value.

Scorpio Mars in your 2 seeks financial reward and material acquisition but he can also signify loss through impulsive spending and investments. Its nice to make extra money but don’t be greedy. The conjunction with Saturn indicates you need to take a serious look at your finances. Balance your budget before making new acquisitions. Use restraint and invest for the future. Don’t worry about money, take care of it.

Scorpio – beautiful Venus joins expansive Jupiter in Virgo and your 11 house. An aura of opportunity suggests its time to take advantage of your social and business connections. It would be a mistake to hide your feelings especially if you are involved with humanitarian or social causes. The more you are willing to share your energy and sensitivity the more you will get in return. Just make sure that your giving to those who have the same values as you do.