Scorpio, The month begins with a gentle burst of energy that highlights your second house, Be open to new earning ideas. Keep one eye on the budget. Look for bargins.

Scorpio – Venus is in the 1st house inspires you to pamper yourself. There’s an aura around you that’s almost magnetic. You may buy some new clothes, go to a salon or attend a lunch at a trendy restaurant. Its all about appearances. If you want to really impress others than radiate a focused, confident and conservative energy. But remember beauty is more than skin deep.

Scorpio – Mars in the 12 suggests that you take some time to get away from it all. You may want to try meditation or yoga so you can understand your deeper motivations. This is a good time to clean out your psychological closet and find renewal. His Opposition to Uranus on December 10 th in the 6 warns you to remain focused at work. Willfulness causes conflict so listen carefully to directions. You should also watch your diet and exercise routines. Common sense will protect your well-being.

Scorpio – the Full Moon Christmas illuminates your 9 th house of understanding and the higher mind. Many people get caught up in the Russian confusion of the holidays but you know there’s a more important meaning to this time of year. Make sure you show the strength of your understanding and compassion for others problems. Your maturity and wisdom will be noticed.