Scorpio – the Full Moon on June 2 falls in your 2 nd house of money and resources. You can’t buy happiness since it is a transitory feeling. Keep an eye on the budget and be practical. The realities of life are knocking on your door and you need to take care of them. Once the bills are paid you’ll fell better and have more opportunity to enjoy. Money is in a state of flux so hold onto some of it. The T – Square to Neptune in your 5 house brings confusion or illumination. The pleasure principle is calling to you and may cloud your judgement. Make sure you can trust your feelings or you may be taken for a ride. Focus on creative inspiration.

Scorpio – when Mercury returns to direct motion on the 11 th in your 8 house of sensuality and rebirth, the power of your concentration and your ability to communicate more clearly will help eliminate a confusion and bring a new sense of direction to financial investments and intimate affairs. This will be important on the 14 th when Mars conjuncts the Sun and you go after what you desire.

Scorpio – Jupiter continues his transit through Leo and your 10 house. His presence in the house of career and social status is a powerful omen for advancement in career and social situations. Hard work will attract the right kind of attention from powerful people so… show off your talents. Just make don’t do any grand standing. The powerful trine to Uranus in your 6 house may bring an opportunity to establish new routines and revolutionize your work.