Scorpio – The month begins with a friendly trine that connects the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Gemini. This is a positive flow of energy which can help you establish a deeper sense of intimacy and cooperation with your partners. This can be very helpful as you get rid of old fears and clear the decks for the new energy that will be coming your way next month. Deepen your inner power.

Scorpio – when Mercury returns to direct motion after the 9 th in your 12, you’ll feel more balanced and your intuition will make you aware of your inner needs . This is a good time for meditation, yoga, tai chi and prayer. If you are already spiritually inclined you may find a new sense of clarity and purpose. Listen to your dreams they may be prophetic and show you a doorway to the future.

Scorpio – the recent entry of Jupiter into your 11 house of associations has brought you opportunities for expansion in the area of social responsibility. You have the opportunity to influence groups of people with your energy. The trine to Pluto in the 3 house of mind will give you deep insight and the power to prove the usefulness of your social instincts. Show them a detailed plan and then put it into action. Organization and discipline work hand-in-hand to create prosperity for all.

Scorpio – Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Virgo and your 11 house on the 25 th. You have a green light to indulge your dreams and fantasies by joining with friends to celebrate all the good things of life. You may even be able to win over a few hearts. The trick is to take all the good without losing your humility. Good fortune comes to you through friendship and by being involved in humanitarian and social causes.