Taurus – the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Leo and your 4 house that is enhanced by a full moon. You have a green light to make every effort to improve your home and family situation. Your family is the foundation of your emotional security and gives you the power to take on the world in your everyday life. So bring your family all the rewards and comforts that they deserve. This may be a great time to invest in a new house

Taurus – On July 15 Mercury and Mars in your 3rd house oppose Pluto in your 9 th house of understanding under the light of an emotional New Moon. There are ideas and details that need to be handled in our everyday world. Then there are big ideas that move the spirit. Balance your mind between the two and do not be manipulated by political or religious fanatics who cause suffering and chaos. Develop your inner peace.

Taurus – Uranus turns retrograde in your 12 st house & asks you to review any changes you’ve made to your spiritual and psychological nature. You may realize how much fear shapes your existence. You need to investigate the hidden roots of past failures for a new stream of spiritual energy and future vision is coming your way.