Taurus – The month begins with a Sun-Mercury conjunction in your 1 house of personality. This is a good time to focus on your personal expression. You need to be flexible but determined. Midweek, a subtle Venus Neptune Square connects your 2 and 11 house. Clarity will be needed with money and budgets. Confusion and misinformation from associates may be causing you to feel uncomfortable and limited. You must control your feelings and budget wisely. A gentle Full Moon and Venus Jupiter sextile will help bring more optimism into your life and allow you to feel you have a little support from behind the scenes. This can be a good time to invest some time investigating your spirituality.

Taurus – week 2 opens with the Sun conjunct Uranus in your first house of personality and ego. This energy can be unpredictable and bring unexpected changes in the way you express yourself. You may have an urge for freedom and some radical ideas about yourself but you must be realistic. If you are too willful and erratic you may alienate friends and associates. This is a good time to look at yourself and see what you want to change. A positive approach can bring new opportunities. Mercury sextiles and Venus trines Saturn in the 11 th house suggesting you may be able to turn to friends and business associates for valuable advice. This is a good time to network or gain new skills

Taurus – The 3 week begins as Mercury goes direct in your 1 house, followed by positive aspects to Neptune and Saturn in the 11 th. These positive energies balance off a powerful and challenging Jupiter Pluto Square from your 12 th to 10 th house. This challenge warns you not to be too confident that you know what’s going on behind the scenes. It is good to have faith bt you must always remember other people have their own ambitions. This is even more important as the week ends and Mars opposes Pluto from the 4 th to 10 th house. You must balance your security need at home with your career responsibilities. The Sun trine Pluto from your first house may help with some extra energy.

Taurus 4 – The month ends with easy aspects from Venus to Uranus which can increase romantic feelings and a Sun sextile to Mars which may increase your confidence to pursue them. However, a Square from Mars in the 4 th to Jupiter in the 1 st house warns you that you may need to control your actions for your desire and aggressive actions may make others uncomfortable. If you do not tone down your advances you may run into stiff opposition and disappointment.
This is reinforced by a Square between the Sun in your 2 nd house and Saturn in the 11 th. There may be some social restrictions or group dynamics that can cause obstacles and delay. Don’t try to buy someone’s affection.