Aries – Ur in 1st brings you a new sense of your individuality and may send you out seeking new adventures and people in your life. There is an instinctive need to awaken your sense of self. Don’t act selfishly or you will turn people off. The Sq to Plu in the 10 may bring big changes in the way you approach your purpose in the world. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in how you serve the world through a new sense of consciousness.

Taurus – Ura in 12 shakes up the unconscious part of your nature. You may realize how much fear shapes your existence. You need to investigate the hidden roots of past failures for a new stream of spiritual energy and renewal is coming your way. The Sq to Plu in the 9 may bring big changes in your understanding of the power of belief. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in intellectual understanding gained through educational pursuits.

Gemini – Ura in 11 breaks up your normal pattern of social activities. Exciting and unusual people may enter your life. You realize that you need to participate on a larger social stage that has the ability to change worn out social structures. The Sq to Plu in the 8 brings life changing experiences on a deep spiritual level. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in your ability to join with others to harness the power needed to change your world.

Cancer – Ura in 10 brings new opportunities and unexpected changes in your career. Unconventional methods display your genius to the world. Using the latest technology can enhance your individual talents in a dramatic way. The Sq to plu in the 7 can intensify both business and personal relationships. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in your ability to connect with powerful people in a cooperative public venture.

Leo – Uranus 9 pushes you to go beyond your normal limits. You can open your mind to new ideas and new understanding. Try to integrate them with your personal ambitions to pave the way for future success – but you must test them first. The Sq to Plu in the 6 demands efficiency in work and health souse your energy carefully. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in your ability to connect ambition and new productive techniques.

Virgo – Ura 8 revitalizes your passion for life by changing you from deep inside. Old conditions and relationships that were holding you back can change. Listen to the intuitive part of your being but follow commonsense when it comes to money. The Sq to Plu 5 will challenge you to express your ideas in a creative manner. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in learning to put the power of your soul into love & creative projects.

Libra – Ura 7 brings change and opportunity to one of the most important areas of your life… relationships. You may find change challenging but you need to understand that independence does not mean loneliness it can bring new adventures. The Sq to Plu 4 will challenge you to find your own personal basis for security. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in developing the ability to be in a relationship without losing yourself.

Scorpio – Ura 6 challenges you to change the game in work or employment. You may need to adjust to changing conditions or new technologies. Learn to analyze situations quickly and efficiently. Adopt new habits in work and health routines. The Sq to Plu 3 will challenge the way you think and communicate knowledge. Occurring The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in developing flexibility without losing your passion for perfection.

Sagittarius – Ura 5 brings excitement to the areas of romance, speculation and creativity. New people, a new creative approach and new sense of joy can electrify your life. Learn to express yourself without being willful or egotistical. The Sq to Plu 2 can challenge you to overcome personal obstacles by developing internal strength. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in

developing personal courage based on belief in your creative talents.

Capricorn – Ura 4 brings focus to your ability to create a deep sense of emotional security. There are many challenges coming at you and you may have to reorganize your traditional cultural beliefs. Learn how to go with the flow by being more flexible. The Sq to Plu 1 can challenge you to change how you express your personal energy. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in developing a new sense of excitement as you explore new possibilities.

Aquarius – Ura 3 brings new excitement to your everyday life. You may see many changes occurring in your local surroundings. New ideas, new places and new faces come your way. Keep focused so you can assimilate your experiences. The Sq to Plu 12 can challenge you to deepen your sense of freedom by eliminating personal fears. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in combining your spiritual and logical understanding of life.

Pisces – Ura 2 brings new awareness concerning money and personal possessions. You may completely change your material desires as you recognize that money is not everything. A revolutionary economic approach can bring you more freedom. The Sq to Plu 11may challenge you to help improve jaded social organizations and bureaucracies conditions. The opportunity of a lifetime may lie in joining others to improve social conditions.