Venus Transit Capricorn All Month
Aquarius – Venus shines her gentle light in  your twelfth house all month.  Her energy can be used to spend quirt time in contemplation or working behind the scenes.  This is the house of spirituality and dreams so take the time to keep a dream journal. You may receive a vision concerning the nature of your love life. This is also a great time for a retreat or journey to a sacred place.  Forgiveness of past hurts is possible so practice forgiveness for yourself and others.
Mercury Retrograde Square Saturn February 18 & 19
Aquarius – Mercury goes retrograde into your first house of personality and appearance.  This suggests that you need to watch your appearance, words and actions.  first impressions are remembered.  A challenge from Saturn in your 10th house over the 18 & 19 warns you not to confuse your personal business with your career responsibilities.  You may need to prove your ability to act in a professional manner
Neptune is Pisces Conjunct the Sun February 23
Aquarius – Neptune transits your 2nd house in Pisces, the sign he rules.  This is a powerful yet subtle energy that may bring a new understanding of the resources and talents you possess. Your approach to business may take a distinctly creative approach.  The conjunction to the Sun on the 23 rd can bring confusion or illumination so first take time to balance your financial books and then invest time and money in creative projects.





Mars transits Virgo and your 8 th house through July 4 2012 and he is retrograde until April 14, 2012. He is an aggressive and energetic factor. Know what is yours and what you share with others and don’t mix them. This is a time of passion and the renewal of your power. Jupiter moves through Taurus and your fourth house till June pay attention to your family and emotional foundation’s. Yes you do like to be out in the world but sometimes there’s no place like home. When Jupiter moves into your fifth house excitement grows. You’ll meet new people, to take a more creative approach to life and find some real joy. You may have to be careful with flirtation and don’t be overindulgent. Saturn transiting through your 9 th house suggests that your beliefs can make you or break you. You must gain a new perspective or be stuck in a rut of your own making. Knowledge is not power, wisdom is. Because wisdom gives knowledge real purpose. Neptune transiting your 2 nd house can bring opportunities on the material level. Your values can be deepened. You can make money through creative endeavors but they must have spiritual meaning. Do not sell your soul for success.

Uranus – Pluto Challenge 2012

The fireworks are here Aquarius as Uranus your ruling planet transits your 3 rd house stimulating new ideas that excite your mind. Learn something new and be careful in travel. You must assimilate new experiences but keep clear in where you are going. Pluto transiting the 12 th house pushes you to fundamentally change the essence of your spiritual beliefs. Do you listen to your intuition? Prayer and meditation lead to freedom from negative habit patterns. The conflict you must manage is to understand your intellect and your subconscious mind so you can be more productive. Clarity brings mental and spiritual power.