Aquarius – Jupiter moves direct in your 7 house till 8/11 bringing a new wave of energy that may expand your realm of influence and bring some well deserved recognition. Partnerships gain importance as cooperation allows you to push beyond personal boundaries. Give your support to others and they will give you the same. Love is built on a core of common beliefs and you may gain success through newly found public relations talents.

Aquarius – Pluto Retrograde in the 12 th house of spirituality compels you to examine your inner nature and spiritual beliefs. You may need to spend time in meditation and prayer so you can quiet your mind. You will benefit from therapy that can help you release old fears, inhibitions and habit patterns. This will help you release a deeper understanding which will bring you a new spiritual and psychic awareness

Aquarius – Mercury joins Mars in your 4 th house of foundations. Your need for connection is stimulated on a deep personal level. You must be aware of the needs of family members and you should take a practical approach to creating long term security. There may be many demands on your energy so set up a priority list of things to do. Maintain clarity.