Aquarius – Jupiter retrograde in your 8 house asks you to review your deeper involvement with other people. This can be on the intimate or business level. You must know what is yours and what belongs to others. This is a powerful emotional time so be clear.
Aquarius – Saturn’s retrograde in your 11 suggests you review your experiences with groups of people. Politics are rampant in all group endeavors but ego must not prevail. Manipulation and fear never do. If power is more important than truth, leave others behind

Mercury enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries on April 5, 2016 Aquarius – Mercury enters your 4 house. This may help you deal with home and family issues so listen carefully to the one you love and make improvements where you live.
Venus brings her charm to your 3 house adding a sense of understanding and harmony to your communication abilities. Your mind and your feelings are one. So charm others with sweet and meaningful words.

Aquarius – Mars goes retrograde in your 11 – consider the amount of energy you have given to other people. If you’re involved in groups make sure your beliefs are the same as theirs or conflict will occur. If everyone is a bit confused nothing will get done. You can help them stay focused to a goal.

Aquarius – Pluto Retrograde in the 12 th house of spirituality compels you to examine your inner nature and spiritual beliefs. You may need to spend time in meditation and prayer so you can quiet your mind. You will benefit from therapy that can help you release old fears, inhibitions and habit patterns. This will help you release a deeper understanding which will bring you a new spiritual and psychic awareness