Aquarius – The month begins with a powerful Jupiter Pluto Square. Expansive Jupiter in your 9 house of understanding is challenged by the purging power of Pluto in your 12 house of limits. You’ve learned that success and ambition must be pursued with wisdom. However, the square to Pluto in your 12 house warns you that hidden fears may still be effecting your actions eliminate fears. Stay focused on the light of spirit. It will show you what you need for inner strength and understanding.

Aquarius – Saturn is retrograde in the 11 house. You must learn from your experiences when dealing with groups of people. The political process is a difficult one for egos are often involved. Power and influence can be effective in the right proportions but fear and manipulation will never do. If a group is more interested in power than truth, leave them behind.

Aquarius – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 4th House suggests you need to be extra kind at home and with family members. Misunderstandings can create conflict and discord. Remember to follow through on fix up, clean up and spring cleaning projects. Get things done and you’ll have time for fun later. Words spoken in anger will create hurt feelings.

Aquarius – Mars moves into in your 5 stimulating your pleasure principle. It increases your sensuality and you’re willing to pursue your impulses. You have a tendency to come on too strong so make sure you’re not being self centered. respect the need of others to be themselves and use your physical energy carefully. Be creative, be expressive and enjoy sharing yourself