Aquarius – The month begins as Saturn turns direct in Scorpio and your 10 house career and social position. This is his final transit here for the next 27 years. You must examine the success and failures you’ve had in the area of career and social situations over the past few years. Ambition must be joined to discipline so that you can be effective and efficient in professional realms. If you have not lived up to your dreams you must re-purpose yourself so that you can be more successful in the future.

Aquarius – Jupiter enters Virgo and your 8 house shared resources and intimacy on August 11. Jupiter is in detriment in this sign so you may have to make some adjustments in the areas of sensuality and rebirth. You may have unusual spiritual experiences and powerful dreams, make sure you listen to them. Business opportunities come through people you know and you may gain financial rewards. Adjust to new conditions and your talents will grow. Enjoy a deeper intimacy in your personal relationships.

Aquarius – Venus retrograde in your 7 house of partnerships suggests you need to re-evaluate your values concerning relationships. You must know deeply what you expect to receive from other people and what you’re willing to give in return. You should work on improving your commitment to your community by getting involved in social issues. Healing your differences with others will create harmony.