Aquarius – a combination of easy aspect begins the month on a positive note. Mars energizes your emotional nature bringing you closer to other people while Saturn stabilizes your professional connections. The new moon in your 7 brings an opportunity to network with influential people, so make sure you express your highest social values.

Aquarius – The month begins as Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius and your 11 house of friends and Associates. You’ve been involved with groups of people over the past few years and have learned how you fit in to their vision and how their vision fits into your life. Now you must share your understanding, management abilities and efficiency. But if they do live up to your beliefs you must find other people who are true to their values.

Aquarius Mars in your 11 may bring you into contact with groups of people or professional organizations. You want to better the world and you know you must take action if you’re ever going to change it. The conjunction to Saturn warns you not to be selfish or too independent. You must be willing to cooperate with others. Reform yourself first if you want to reform the world. Get involved with a good social cause.

Aquarius – beautiful Venus joins expansive Jupiter in Virgo and your 8 house. An aura of opportunity suggests its time to take advantage of new opportunities that come to you through business or intimate partners. You can almost feel the good fortune that is coming your way. There may even be some type of gain or an inheritance. Your desire nature and sensuality are stronger than usual but what you really need is a deep spiritual sense of connection.