Aquarius – a sense of optimism opens the month as the Sun, Mercury and Venus transit fiery Sagittarius giving you the opportunity to lift your spirit. Your 11th house is activated which can pick up the social pace. You’ll feel comfortable going out and about and meeting new people. The party scene may hold some opportunities if you’re involved in social or business groups. Take advantage for good luck may come your way and remember to share the joy with those who have helped you.

Aquarius – Jupiter goes retrograde in your 7 house. Take time to re-evaluate what you’ve been doing for the past few months. There may have been many opportunities for advancement as you’ve felt more comfortable expressing your feelings towards the important people in your life. You can enjoy the comradery and harvest the fruits of your efforts but you must not push your relationships too far. Keep everyone’s best interests at heart.

Aquarius – After Jupiter slowed things down earlier in the month, Uranus goes direct in your 3 renewing holiday excitement. You’ll be moving fast trying to keep up with all the energy surrounding you. Last minute errands and travel arrangements should be handled with care so you can enjoy the holiday parties. You love meeting new people and sharing your ideas. You know how to better the world. Give the gift of yourself to all.