Aquarius – The first 10 days of the month are full of excitement as Mars energizes Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Mars trines Jupiter from the 1 of personality to the 9 of understanding on the first bringing a note of optimism to the holiday season. You have the opportunity to express your favorite theories as you enjoy a lively debate. Be willing to keep your mind open and expand your horizons. Mars sextiles Saturn in your 11 on the 3rd. You have the ability to focus both mental and physical energy on a social project. The benefits you accrue by helping others will be worth the effort. When Mars sextiles Uranus on the sixth in your 3 ideas and adventures cross your path. It’s time for you to express yourself in your own way. This can attract new friends and opportunities.

Aquarius -Sun Conjunct Saturn in 11- Your eleventh house of group participation receives a wake up call to slow down or you may hit a wall. You love to socialize and have a good time but Saturn says, not so fast your instincts may be a bit off. Social project take time, commitment and energy. Yes, its great to want to make a difference but you must know what you are getting into and why.

Aquarius – Mercury RX in 12th House just before the holidays warns you take extra time to examine your feelings before telling people what you think of them. Your emotions may be confused but that’s no excuse to allow fear to be your guide. Be quiet, take some extra time to clarify your beliefs before taking action. If you can’t think straight, you can act right.

Aquarius – Christmas Day begins with a beautiful Venus Jupiter Trine to your 9 house. You have a green light to enjoy your beliefs. Take time to join cultural activities that commemorate the meaning season. Venus then sextiles Saturn in your 11 house helping you to deepen your feeling for the less fortunate. Volunteer for a cause. Venus also sextiles Uranus in your 3 house bringing sparkle and excitement to conversations. Your mind is buzzing with happy ideas. Write them down.