Aquarius – The month begins with Venus in the 9 th house Square to Pluto in the 12 th house and the Moon in the 7 th. This is a very dynamic T square energy that may challenge aggressive energies based on what you think is right. Your values may be different from others and you may trigger some fears so try to be as understanding as possible. This may be more important than you know since the Sun Conjuncts Mars in the 11 th house of associates suggesting combative energy in social and work situations. A Saturn Square to both the Sun and Mars from the 2 nd th house of resources may suggest that it all comes down to money so make sure you watch your budget and count your change.

Aquarius – week 2 shines under the New moon in your 11 th house bringing a new cycle of opportunity through friends and associates. This is a good time to network to get ahead. Mercury retrograde in the 12 th house of limitations trines Jupiter in the 4 th allowing you to work out some limitations that have been holding you back. But the Opposition between Jupiter and Venus in the 10 th temps you to be extravagant so you will have to control your need to be too independent. You should try to establish a deep sense of personal security. A Saturn trine to Venus from the 2 nd house will help stabilize your emotions and make you feel you’re on more stable ground. Invest in your personal development.

Aquarius – The 3 week begins with the Sun in your 11 th house Squared to Neptune in the 2 nd. The energy of the Sun may inspire you to get involved in social improvement projects. However, the square to Neptune in the 2 nd warn you not to be free with your money. You may not know the values of other people and you wouldn’t want to invest in some thing you don’t believe in. Venus in the 10 th house Squares the Moon in the 1 st again warns you to be careful with whom you associate. It could have a negative affect on your career. Mercury continues retrograde in the 12 th house suggesting That some people may be telling you half truths or you are fooling yourself and not seeing reality.

Aquarius – 4 The month ends with The Sun entering Capricorn and your 12 th house focusing on the traditions of the season and their spiritual value. This is a good time for you to recharge your most personal energy so you can heal old wounds. The Sun is trines Jupiter in the 4 th bringing a sense of support from home and family members and Venus 10 also trines Neptune 2 which may bring some positive career news which can also help you feel spiritually renewed. Just remember that Mercury is still retrograde and with Mars in the 11. This brings a note of caution especially if you are dealing with groups of people you don’t know. Keep your friendly smile and keep your money to yourself.