Aquarius – Mars in the 3 stimulates your mind and may give you a bit of wanderlust. You’ll want to go places and do things. Your mind may be sharp but your words may be competitive so watch the tone of your voice and what you write. The square to Pluto in your 12 th house of hidden fears can challenge you to purge the deep recesses of your subconscious so you can unlock the potential of your dreams. A powerful comprehension of life’s secrets will empower you. Madness is emotional fear, illumination may be the gift of this energy.

Mercury enters Pisces and your 2, adding more sensitivity to your sense of value. Your ability to think clearly may bring new insights to what you really need. This is a good time to look at your finances and find a way to increase your income. If you’ve got bills to pay its time to bite the bullet and take care of business. Don’t get too emotional, use a logical approach.

Mars conjunct Uranus 3 may create a powerful spike of energy on the 13 the which can disrupt plans for Valentine’s day. Be cautious and aware of what’s happening in your environment. Sudden changes or sharp words can cause problems. You’ll be miles ahead expressing warmth so do so in your unique way. practicality should not be more important than romance. remember love is gentle and kind, not over powering.

Venus Conjuncts Pluto in your twelfth house – You need to deepen your understanding of your spiritual energy. Do you have sympathy and compassion for people in need? Do you offer your help or volunteer for worthy causes. Have you conquered your fear of failure. Its time to polish the quality of your spirit.