Aquarius – Your power card is the Queen of Swords and the power day for February is the 14 th. Venus, Mars, and Pluto are conjunct in your 1 st house. This is the house of personality, ego, and appearance. Venus and Mars represent a creative and spontaneous energy enhances your ability to express yourself. You may have the ability to express warmth and charisma that you might not have had in the past. This can also suggest romance is closer than you think, so pay attention. However, with Pluto involved you must be a bit cautious and self controlled. As the planet of jealousy, manipulation and mystery he suggests you need to examine the actions and approaches of other people very closely. You must not be deceptive or manipulative and you must beware these energies from others who would try to trick you. But if things seem above board, you may have a life changing experience.

Your power card is the Queen of Swords which represents you are a very sharp person in business and personal affairs. Keep your eye on the prize and you will be successful.