Aquarius – the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter sextile that connects your 6th house of daily routine with your 8th house of rebirth. You have it green light to make adjustments in your daily routine and approach to work. Efficiency and effort will come easy and a promotion or increase in salary may come your way. You’ll feel a sense of renewal that is based on discipline and a smart approach to health and diet, you’ll look and feel great.

Aquarius – The Sun and Mercury in your 6th house oppose Pluto in your 12th house of limitation. You may need quiet time to assess your talents and liabilities. Knowing your faults and conquering your fears can lead to powerful change. The Venus Square to Uranus in your 3 warns you to be careful in communications. You need to know how to talk to people so they understand your ideas. This will help make you more successful your everyday world.

Aquarius – the conjunction of Mercury and Venus 7 will be helpful in your personal relationships and dealing with the public. You will seek out other people to share ideas and you will be willing to listen and consider what they have to say. The trine to Saturn in your 11 suggests that you take a practical approach to group participation and social issue. This is a good time to network and deal with the public. Be sensitive, put your best foot forward and be a success.