Aquarius – (1) the month begins with Mars in Leo and your 7 house of relationships in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius in your 1 house of personality. This is not a good time to step out of line or be too pushy. You must act with common sense and guard your reputation in public. Venus will also oppose Saturn from the 7 to 1 house creating some friction in partnerships. You must know what you value and what you are willing to give.

Aquarius – (2) the second week begins with a conjunction of Venus and Mars in the 7 house of relationships as the lovers come together. This is a much happier energy than last week and any slights can be forgiven. Take advantage of this opportunity to share kindness. This is followed by a beautiful Sun Neptune trine that connects your 6 and 2 houses. You can bring healing to yourself on a deep emotional and spiritual level.

Aquarius – (3)the third week is energized by Mercury in Cancer and the 6 house sextile Uranus in Taurus and the 4 House. This is an exciting energy that can give you a sense of emotional security as you improve your everyday routine to be more productive. A Venus Jupiter opposition connects your 8 and 2 houses cautioning you against excess. Be a bit careful with your budget, your personal secrets, and the intimate energy you share.

Aquarius – (4) The fourth week features Mercury in the 6 house opposite Pluto in the 12 house. Thoughts can be powerful and disruptive especially if they are fear-based. Listen carefully to your deeper intuition. Jupiter enters Aquarius 1 house and opposes Mars in Leo and the 7 house. You must be willing to make room for the desires and actions of others. Balance your needs with your partners and justice will be done.