Aquarius – the Full Moon on June 2 falls in your 11 th house of friends and associations. You may feel a real need to reach out to help others through volunteer or other group efforts. Be wise and compassionate and but don’t be manipulated by shady stories. There is an undercurrent of emotional energy that can be confusing. Bring your best efforts to meetings and seminars. The T – Square to Neptune in your 2 house brings confusion or illumination. You need to be clear headed when it comes to finances. Your heart is open but you need to be practical. Invest some time in developing your own intuition and creativity.

Aquarius – when Mercury returns to direct motion on the 11 th in your 5th house of romance and creativity, the power of your concentration and your ability to communicate more clearly will help eliminate confusion and bring a new sense of direction in creative projects and romantic pursuits. This will be important on the 14 th when Mars conjuncts the Sun and you pleasure principle is on target.

Aquarius – Jupiter continues his transit through Leo and your 7 house. Opportunities for growth and expansion come from joining your energy and vision with like minded people. You are attracted to people who are willing to cooperate to better the world since you know success comes through sharing. The powerful trine to Uranus in your 3 house may bring an unexpected opportunity to express your ideas in a compelling and brilliant manner that gets attention.