Aquarius – Pluto continues to bring powerful changes to your twelfth house of limitations. A beautiful trine from Venus as the month begins in the 4 house puts a wonderful sparkle on your home and family. Uranus 4 has shaken up the status quo and personal security. The Sextile from Mercury in your sixth on the 7 opens a new awareness of your habit patterns. Mars in the 6 brings extra energy to your physical drives. his trine to Neptune on the 14 th in the 2 brings material insight. You may dream up new ways to make money. On the 19 th Mercury in your 6th house opposes Pluto in your 12th house of limitation. The challenge is to understand details may be getting in the way of understanding. Pluto’s opposition to Mars can challenge you to purge the recesses of your subconscious so you can unlock your dreams. Venus transiting on the 24 th in your your 5 brings her sense of enjoyment as you seek out and enjoy pleasure. her square to Neptune 2 warns you to be careful in financial dealings.