Aquarius – the new moon falls in your 2 nd house of money and material matters.  Take a close look at your finances so you know exactly where you stand.  You should not buy expensive items on a whim.  But you could buy a new computer to help with your tax return.

Saturn Retrograde
Aquarius – You must learn from your experiences in career and social situations.  Have your ambitions been realized or do you feel frustrated.  You may have taken on too much responsibility or may be on the wrong career track. If you are frustrated and dissatisfied, don’t blame others look around and make a change

Mars Retrograde
Aquarius – reevaluate your belief system and how it directs your life.  If you do not understand how your culture works you will never get ahead.  It’s okay to be different but remember misunderstanding often leads to conflict.  You must earn respect by giving respect