Aquarius – Neptune transits your 2 house in Pisces the sign he rules, which gives him added strength. This is a powerful yet subtle energy that can bring a new understanding of your personal resources and your talents. Your approach to business may become really creative. The conjunction to the sun can bring some confusion or illumination so take the time to balance your books 1st. Then invest your time and money in creative pursuits.

Aquarius – Jupiter continues his transit through your 9 house brining opportunities to grow through travel, higher education and spiritual understanding. New ideas may replace old dogmas. Your need to see your future potential and act on it. The Powerful opp to Uranus in your 3 house may bring an unexpected opportunity to express compelling and brilliant ideas that gets you attention. Watch your ego

Aquarius – Mars enters your 4 house of. This energy stimulates you on the deepest level. It effects where you live and the core of your being. Be awareness of what you are feeling and how you are acting with family members. It will be easy to steer the ship but it is better to ask where everyone wants to go. Keep your emotions clear, and start spring cleaning early.

Aquarius- the Saturn Moon conjunction falls in your 11 th house. This can be a constructive or depressing combination according to your nature. You are an outgoing and social person and your personality allows you to get along with just about anybody. But you must add a bit of finesse to your social interactions. This is a good time to plan new business or social projects that can increase your standing and gain you recognition in your community.