Aquarius – Your power card is the Queen of Swords and the power day for March is the 17th St Patrick’s Day. The Sun conjuncts Neptune and Venus conjuncts Saturn in Pisces and your 2 nd house. This energy puts a focus on your money, values, resources, and talents. You may have some inspired ideas on how to make and spend money at this time. You have a desire to acquire the finer things of life and you may be able to attract the resources to get them. If you need to develop your talents this is a good time to broaden your education for you may have the ability to absorb knowledge on an intuitive level. The Venus Saturn conjunction reminds you that money is an energy that can be used properly or improperly. Therefore you must know what you stand for spiritually if you are to use your resources and talents in a manner that will help others as well as yourself.

Your power card is the Queen of Swords which suggests you can use your sharp perceptions to make a decision.