Aquarius – The month begins with three interesting 0ppositions. The Sun in the 10 th house opposes Jupiter in the 4 th
You have a need to take care of career responsibilities some you can spend a bit more time with home and family. This is a good time for a home improvement project or do something nice with family but remember you must also take care of business. Mercury in the 10 th house opposes Uranus in the 4 th. Sudden changes at home may interfere with career duties so make sure you keep lines of communications open. Venus in the 8 th house opposes Neptune in the 2 nd suggesting you need to watch the budget. This is not a good time to spend on luxury items.

Aquarius – week 2 is energized by Mars in the in the 10 th house opposing Uranus in the 4 th of foundations. The demands at your place of business may be changing ans erratic and can lead to some conflicts with home and family responsibilities. You may have to deal with a family member who is being willful and doesn’t want to understand. Make sure you take the best diplomatic route for you don’t want to be caught in the middle of a no win situation. This is very important since there is a New Moon in Scorpio and your 10 th house that opposes Uranus in the 4 th. This can increase the chance that someone is being too emotional or demanding attention. Try to put off decisions for a few days.

Aquarius – The 3 week begins with a powerful Sun Mars conjunction is your 10 th house. This is a good time to be more ambitious in business and career situations but to do so with finesse. Mars can be a very aggressive energy and the Sun can empower his desire to get ahead. Try to focus your energy on the most important projects you need to complete. This may help you prove yourself to higher ups and new opportunities may come your way. Just remember not to be too pushy. This is followed by an easy trine between the Sun and Mars in the 10 th to Neptune in the 2 nd house. This energy increases your imagination and can bring an unexpected creative idea to make more money.

Aquarius – 4 The month ends as the Sun enters optimistic Sagittarius and your 11 th house of Associates. The 11 th house is your natural house so this is a good time to get out there and network with friends and associates. You may feel invigorated and your mind is humming with possibilities. But do keep your feet on the ground because this energy may be modified as Saturn squares both the Sun and Mars from 2 house and tells you to watch your spending and optimism. Be a little bit more conservative. One problem is the month ends with questionable communications as Mercury 11th will square Neptune in the 2 nd house. Some one may be making financial promises that they can’t keep.