Aquarius – Mercury Retrograde in 9th house warns you to be aware of the little details that are so important to complete so you can shine in the big picture. There can be misunderstandings due to language or cultural differences so give yourself a little extra time when planning for the future. There can be nuances in what appears to be straight forward information and this can trip you up when trying to complete important projects. If you’re planning a trip, check your itinerary twice.

Aquarius – the Lunar Eclipse in your 3 rd house conjunct Uranus suggests balance must be maintained or you may experience a conflict between your thoughts and the beliefs of others. Maintaining an open mind will keep communications flowing. Inflexibility will almost guarantee conflict so think twice before making judgements about politics or religion if they are based more on emotion than fact. The same might be said about travel. Know where you are going and how you’re getting there. Impulse can be exciting but knowledge and a plan brings success.

Aquarius – Venus in the 10th house inspires you to seek success and recognition through your career or social contacts. Influential people can help you advance your professional goals and you’ll feel more successful. This is an excellent time to negotiate for what you need. Create a sense of balance, flexibility and peace.