Aquarius – The month begins with a friendly trine that connects the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Gemini. This is a beneficial combination of energy that can have a positive impact on your understanding of abstract concepts. Your mind is open to a higher level of knowledge and creativity so use it well. It may also attract a new sense of pleasure and a joyful companion.

Aquarius – when Mercury returns to direct motion after the 9 th in your 9, you’ll feel more balanced and your ability to think more clearly will help you understand exciting new concepts that have challenged your mind. This is a good time to plan ahead for success and to focus on your future ambitions. Here’s a wise saying that will help you, Remember a journey of a lifetime starts with a single step.

Aquarius – the recent entry of Jupiter into your 8 house of shared energy has brought you opportunities for expansion in the area of intimacy and psychic ability. You have hidden talents that may find a new level of expression. The trine to Pluto in your 12 house may allow you to inspire people through your intuitive insight. This will make you more effective on a business and intimate level. You have a psychic sense of what is possible and the spiritual strength to pursue it.

Aquarius – Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Virgo and your 8 house on the 25 th. You have a green light to enjoy the benefits that come through business and intimate partners. An inheritance is possible but a long-term investment plan is realistic. Your desire nature is powerful but foolish pleasures can drain your vital energy. You have the opportunity to create a deep psychic and spiritual bond with the people that you love.