Aquarius – Venus transiting the sign Virgo and your 8 house intensifies your sensual nature. You might find you have the ability to join your resources with others for productive purpose and financial gain. This is an excellent time to seek favors through business partners and to attend social functions that have a business theme. Make sure that you are willing to share your gains with your partners.

Aquarius – Mars is transiting your11of friends, groups and associations. this energy may stimulate you to get involved in humanitarian or social groups. There is a part of you that wants to better the world. If you are involved in a like minded group or social effort use your creative ideas & and you may take a leading role. Just make sure that everyone has the same goals. Cooperation brings success, self interest failure.

Aquarius – Pluto – A deep slow revolution is happening in your twelfth house – something is stirring inside you and it is asking you to change on the deepest level. Listen to your dreams. Follow the power of your intuition and super conscious mind. Is fear are holding you back. You must find the real meaning of your soul and not be intimidated by the teachings of fear. This can be a time of great awakening but you must discard darkness so you can follow your personal light.