Aquarius – Venus and Mars the cosmic lovers are moving together in your seventh house. You may think you know exactly what your partners want but think again. Venus is retrograde in this the house she rules so you sense of propriety may be off base. Mars is known for impulsive action and he may incite you to act without thinking throwing your timing off. A challenge can be fun and exciting but inflexibility can lead to war. Keep the peace.

Aquarius – the solar eclipse on the 13 th is a powerful New Moon that effects your 8th house of shared energy. It gives you the opportunity to examine the power of cooperation in business and personal relationships. You must examine where you’ve been successful and where have you failed in intimate or business dealings and why. This energy begins a new cycle and gives you a new chance for success. You need to negotiate, cooperate and understand others needs to get what you want.

Aquarius – Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 11 house for the next two years on September 18 th. Its time to get real about your friends and associates and the energy you give to professional or social groups. There is an old saying, you are known by the company you keep. This transit tells you to be aware that not everyone shares your values. Everything you do in life takes energy and vision. When you participate in activities with others, you make an investment of time and creativity. You will need to be clear about your purpose to know whether to join up or be a revolutionary.